Il Residence Fontana Vecchia enjoys a privileged location in one of the most charming cities of Gargano sea.

By our apartments You can easily reach, during your holidays, the major sites around Vieste. The latter is the ideal starting point for a tour of Puglia, for example, from the Gargano promontory to descend to the Salento and at the very tip of the boot. But it is also close to beautiful natural paradises like the Tremiti Islands, ideal for diving and snorkeling, looking so certain fish species protected and a fascinating underwater vegetation.

Even the most religious will find in the Gargano a way to profess their faith, then taking in some of the most famous Mystics throughout the country, such as San Giovanni Rotondo and Monte Sant'Angelo.

Also the holidays on Gargano will be great also with the Kids, that they will find many alternatives to avoid falling prey to boredom: in addition to the many possible excursions, observing the vegetation and animals, walking or cycling, children can have fun with the Jeep Safari, discovering the most inaccessible areas of the territory, or on the coast, try their hand at fishing.

The Gargano offers possibilities for all types of tourist, delighting visitors with typical local cuisine. What are you waiting for? Join us at Vieste!

Tour of Puglia


Alberobello and the Castellana Caves

A journey into the heart of Puglia to discover the "Trulli" of Alberobello, ancient dry stone buildings, famous throughout the world and declared by Unesco, and visit the enchanting caves of Castellana among the stalactites hanging from the ceiling, stalagmites, limestone formations on the ground and other bizarre shapes formed over the centuries. Departure only on certain days of the week on reservation from 7:00 at 19:00.

Cost: € 35.00 Adult excursion – Children 0/4 years gratis

(times and prices are subject to change depending on the season)

Fishing School Children


Children's Fishing School: (maximum 6 passengers + 2 fishing):
Output: hours 08.30 – 13.30 hours return

Learn about safety at sea, on the equipment, fish, bait type, the via ferrata, retrieving, unhooking, and fishing in mackerel and horse mackerel in 2-3 nm. from the coast.

The fish will remain the property of the participants.

Jeep Safari


We will enter the heart of Gargano National Park of the Umbra Forest, through an amazing journey in the countryside, with our expert guides of the territory.

You can choose from the daily trip from 9:00 to 17:00 with lunch on a farm, or the half day from 9:00 at 13:00 stopping appetizer.

Cost € 50.00 € 30.00 Children hike: 5/11 years – Adults

(times and prices are subject to change depending on the season)

Fish watching


(maximum 8 people):
Output: hours 08.30 – 13.30 hours return

Photographic expedition looking for rare and exciting shots in altomare: dolphins, feeding frenzies, sunrises, sunsets, but also vessels at work, cruise ships, freighters and tankers from close range have absolutely spectacular images. Over the seasons 2007/2008 happened to also see blue sharks (JAWS Mediterranean), Carretta Carretta Turtles and cetaceans.

The fishing of height


(maximum 4 anglers + 2 passengers):
Output: 07.00 hours-17.30 hours return

Deep sea fishing day single or teams of 2 or 3 items where components are divided the tasks and/or alternate image at various stages: fishing for live, the fight, the arraffio, etc. The type of prey and consequently of bait is dictated by species (yellowtail, Tuna, snapper, Mackerel, Dolphinfish, Sword, etc.) at that time fishing areas (forts, desks, etc.) which are located between 7 and 20 nautical miles off the North coast of Vieste. The cruising and fishing will be about 10, except in return for reasons of force majeure (bad weather, rough seas etc:).
The amount and size of fish will be in compliance with the regulations.
The equipment supplied for each individual or team consists of: 1 fishing rod fishing rod with reel 50 trolling alive, 1 lb, 2 weights 2-assembled for Big Game terminals, guardian, 3 artificial frames for vivo. Personal equipment allowed.

The fish will remain the property of the participants.

Tour of Gargano


San Giovanni Rotondo and Foresta Umbra

Along the way, short stop at Umbra Forest to enjoy nature in the Pearl of Gargano National Park, a path that tells about the life, works and miracles to the Padre Pio Pilgrimage Church Sanctification through the sacred places: The sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Chiesa di San Pio da Pietrelcina by architect Renzo Piano, Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza.

Departure only on certain days of the week on reservation from 8:00 at 13:00, or from 14:00 at 19:00.

Cost: € 25.00 Adults excursion – Children 0/4 years gratis

Motorata in Quad


Quad bikes are single speed bikes on four wheels. You can drive with the B license, you can carry a passenger and require the use of helmets. The hike is similar to the jeep safari and includes: quad rental, driving, helmets, insurance against third parties, fuel, technical assistance. You can choose between: excursion 2 Base hours (25 Km)-Long Hike of 6 hours (70 Km) with lunch at the farm.

Fee hike starting from € 70.00 adult + € 15.00 Passenger added

Long excursion cost € 100.00 adult + € 40.00 Passenger added

(times and prices are subject to change depending on the season)

Tremiti Islands


Daily departures to the beautiful islands quakes with passenger transportation around the archipelago, the sea caves of San Domino and the statue of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. Complete the day of your visit to St Nicholas Island to discover its history among the monuments of the city.

From Vieste at 8:30 – Departure Tremiti Islands at 16:30

Cost € 25.00 adults – € 15.00 excursion: Children 5/11 years

(times and prices are subject to change depending on the season)

Coastal hiking and sea caves


A fascinating trip along the South coast of the Gargano, to discover the beautiful bays, cliffs and caves that characterise this stretch of coast, pausing at one of the many coves to swim between the crystal clear waters lapping on the shore.

Departures from Vieste 2 times a day: at 9:00 and drop off at 12:00; at 14:30 and drop off at 17:30.

Cost 7.00 13.00 excursion 5 Children: € 11 years/adults – €

(times and prices are subject to change depending on the season)