Vieste is one of the most famous of the coast, set between beautiful beaches, repeatedly awarded the blue flag, and spectacular nature, with its quaint old town, which reveals the various dominations, have occurred over the centuries.
Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Lombards and Anjou, first of the Bourbons, who ruled until the unification of Italy, helped to shape the town, with typical narrow streets winding through historic buildings: Romanesque cathedral, the Castello Svevo, which stands for its location overlooking the limestone rocks, the High Port that was in the past the main entrance to the city.

Vieste preserves its history even in the evocation of ancient traditions, especially during the holiday festivities, such as the feast of San Giorgio on 23 April and the Festival of Santa Maria di Merino the 8.9 and 10 of may, which sees lead in procession the icons of patron saints of the city. During the feast of Saint George the traditional horse race takes place on the beach of Pizzomunno.

Pizzomunno is a monolith about 25 meters and is steeped in legend of an unhappy love. It seems, in fact, that was very nice, a young fisherman Pizzomunno in love with a girl of Vieste, Falcone but adored by the sirens. The latter jealousy decided to lure the girl into the depths of the sea, killing her. So it was that Pizzomunno, petrified by pain, turned into the rock which today has become the symbol of the city.

Vieste is also one of the most popular, especially in summer, thanks to its convenient location and excellent environmental conditions are perfect not only for bathing and for excursions in the many bays and sea caves but also to practice some sporting activities such as windsurfing or kitesurfing.

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